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About Me

I am a new mom who was looking for ways to limit toxic chemicals, save money, protect my family and be mindful of the environment. Norwex provided just that and more!

I first was introduced to Norwex about 2 years ago after seeing a demo that blew my mind.  The first thing I thought was, could these really remove up to 99% of bacteria and do all those tough jobs in my home?! This is too easy...


Sure enough, I tried was the EnviroCloth and was hooked on how fast and easy it was! Fast forward a few years of not needing to buy chemical or consumable cleaners, I was even more enthusiastic. Especially during the 2020 cleaning craze. I was able to relax at home vs scouring the cleaning aisles for disinfectant wipes. All my harmful chemicals stored under my sink are gone and so is my fear that my baby will get into them. The fact that I am no longer using all purpose chemical cleaner to clean the surfaces my family touch SO many times a day is another huge plus! 


Yes, I was a total skeptic wondering can our microfiber cloths really wipe up only 99% of bacteria using just water? YES IT CAN! I love Norwex because it helped me immediately replace toxic and harmful chemical products with eco-friendly safe methods of cleaning. I also love to find ways to reduce my environmental waste & save money. Now I don’t need consumables (papertowels, chemical cleaners, swiffers, etc.) contributing to landfill and draining my budget. I truly believe in this product and feel so happy seeing the impact it has on creating a safe haven for your home! Please feel free to ask me any questions about the Norwex company, our products, or my job.

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